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Symbolon Series Learning Path: LA Congress

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Symbolon Series is a thematized module of Christian teachings and values intended to bridge the gap between the classroom and the altar, between the 'head' catechism and the 'heart' liturgy. As of the moment, there is a disconnect between the two. The students can be seen in the classroom setting but we seldom see them in the Sunday liturgy setting. Symbolon in its core meaning means to find the missing piece, to make the 'connection'. We can never find the meaning and connection of our life and lessons if we do not connect it to the altar in the Eucharist. Welcome to Symbolon Series.

Here is the class outline:

1. Introducing Symbolon Series

Symbolon stands for 'making connections' and 'finding the missing piece'. From our everyday life and busyness, we finally find connection to the altar and to God. Welcome to Symbolon Series.

Welcome to Symbolon Series

2. Vocation October: Chosen by Name

We all have a calling in life. The exciting part is discovering it.

Vocation October

3. Advent November: The Beatitudes

The New Covenant entails a new expression of the old, perennial commandments. Here comes the Beatitudes.

Advent November

4. Christmas December: Generosity & Gift-Giving

This is the season when we remember how God so loved the world not just by gifting us with wrapped gifts, but by giving his own Son for us.

Christmas December

5. Healing January: Miracles & Parables

We all need God's mercy, forgiveness and healing. We didn't realize we are abundantly surrounded by them.

Healing January

6. Generosity February: Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

We have the mission to spread goodness and share our God-given blessings to others.

Generosity February

7. Lenten March: Saint & Sinner

The Lenten season reminds us of our potentials and pitfalls. While we are made of clay, we are molded in God's hands.

Lenten March

8. Easter April: Knowing & Loving the Church

We learn, grow and blossom in this big family home we call Church.

Easter April

9. Pentecost May: The Holy Spirit as Wind & Fire in Action

The Spirit comes to our lives like subtle whisper, but she also manifests herself in dramatic fashion.

Pentecost May

10. Bible June: The Power of God's Word

The Word of God impels us to live good Christian lives.

Bible June

11. Creation July: Love Our Earth-Home

This is the only home we have. This is the only air we altogether breathe. We need to love it and take good care of it.

Creation July

12. Youth August: Champions for Christ

Youth is not wasted in the young, not if we pattern ourselves to that young Christ who lived living the will of the Father for him.

Youth August

13. Marian September: Our Humble Queen Mother

Our Mother loves us and guides us, and we throw ourselves to her like children in need of their moms.

Marian September

14. Symbolon Series Summary

We reached the end of our our Symbolon Series. Along the way, we hoped you were able to 'connect' our mundane existence with the life of liturgy and community lifting themselves in worship and praise.

Eu-Charis For Symbolon Series
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