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Spiritus Series Learning Path: LA Congress

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All the faithful share in understanding and handing on the revealed truth. They have received the anointing of the Holy Spirit, who instructs them and guides them into all truth. (CCC, 91) The Spiritus Series digs deep into this statement and teaches us to live out our faith. It begins with the Pentecost story, then spotlights certain acts of the apostles, moves forward to the Sacraments (with increased deepening on Confirmation), then emphasizes the Spirit’s gifts and fruits, and finally ends with how we can bear Christian witness and become soldiers of Christ.

Here is the class outline:

1. Introducing Spiritus Series

Welcome to the Spiritus Series!

Welcome to Spiritus Series

2. The Pentecost

The journey begins with a bang!

Entry: Prayer - Holy Spirit, God of Light
Entry: Praise - Come, Holy Spirit
Engage: The Pentecost Story
Engage: Flipbook - The Pentecost Story
Explore: The Drama of Pentecost
Essay: The Pentecost in Me
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Sebastian
Evaluate: Getting Familiar with the Pentecost Event
Enact: The Light of Conscience
Eu-Charis: Welcome, Holy Spirit, Live Inside of Me

3. The Birth of the Church

We celebrate the roots and beginnings of the Church.

Entry: Prayer - The Spirit of God
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of the Early Christians
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of the Early Christians
Explore: The Birth of the Church
Homework: Picture of My Home Church
Elaborate: A Walk Through Catholic History
Elaborate 2: The Humble Authority of Saint Roch
Evaluate: Difference between Authoritative & Authoritarian
Enact: Happy Birthday, Church!
Eu-Charis: Church is Home - Welcome Home, Hallelujah

4. The Teachings of the Apostles

We are guided by the apostles' way of life and their inspiring teachings.

Entry: Prayer - Lord I Trust You
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of Sorrow and Joy in Old Testament
The Story of Sorrow and the Joy
Explore: The Teachings of the Apostles
Explore Further: The First Teachings of the Apostles
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Isidore of Seville
Evaluate: Worthy Actions of the Early Apostles
Enact: The Apostolic Initiative
Eu-Charis: A Faith Journey Like the Apostles'

5. The Christian Fellowship

We gather in koinonia.

Entry: Prayer - Spiritual Blessings in Christ
Entry: Praise - I Surrender
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of the Crossing of Jordan
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of the Crossing of Jordan
Explore: The Fellowship of Christians
Explore Further: Deepening on Christian Fellowship
Fun Quiz: All About Fellowship
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Bernadette
Evaluate: The Communal Life
Enact: Fellowship With All-Inclusive Creation
Eu-Charis: Our Church as Fellowship

6. The Communal Worship

We worship and pray together as a community of believers.

Entry: Prayer - Litany of the Blessed Mother
Entry: Praise - Hail Mary and the Glory Be
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of the Lord's Supper
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of the Lord's Supper
Explore: The Communal Worship
Explore Further: The Difference Between Praise and Worship
Short Essay: My Worship Experience
Elaborate: Deepening About Liturgy and the Liturgical Year
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Cecilia
Evaluate: A Foretaste of Heavenly Liturgy
Enact: Living Liturgy
Eu-Charis! Liturgy as Vital Part of Christian Prayer Life

7. The Sacraments

We are nourished by the sacraments.

Entry: Prayer for the Bearer of Good News
Engage: Parallax Video - A Time & Season for Everything from Ecclesiastes
Engage: Flipbook - A Time and Season for Everything
Explore: The Spirit of the Sacraments
Explore Further: A Review of the Seven Sacraments
Fun Quiz: Identify the Sacraments
Elaborate: St. Joseph of Cupertino
Evaluate: Sacramental Rites
Enact: Rooting the Sacraments to Our World
Eu-Charis! Sacraments as Experiencing God in the World Around Us

8. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We have been graced with unlimited gifts and blessings by the Spirit of love.

Entry: Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Entry: Praise - Gifts from God
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of Shadrach Meschach & Abednego
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego
Explore: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Explore Further: Deepening of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Fun Quiz: Finding the Spirit's Gifts
Elaborate: Deepening on Lessons of Sexuality
Elaborate 2: Featuring Saint Paul the Apostle
Evaluate: The Spirit's Gifts & Our Moral Life
Enact: Building the Spirit Foundation
Eu-Charis! Arming Ourselves with the Spiritual Weapon

9. The Fruits of the Christian Life

We reap the blessings and fruits from the Spirit.

Entry: Prayer - Hail Mary Gentle Woman
Entry: Praise - Hail Mary, Gentle Woman by Catholic Choir
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of the Healing of the Blind
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of the Healing of the Blind
Explore: The Fruits of Christian Life
Explore Further: Am I Producing Fruit or Am I Wearing Leaves?
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Rose of Lima
Evaluate: Works of the Flesh vs. Fruits of the Spirit
Enact: The Fruits of our Lives
Eu-Charis! Practicing Christian Virtues & Bearing Fruits

10. The Wellspring of Virtues

The oasis of virtues welling deep within us comes from our Trinitarian God.

Entry: Praise - Holy Holy Holy
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of Esther
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of Esther
Explore: The Wellspring of Virtues
Explore Further: Virtue Easily Understood!
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Lucia
Elaborate 2: Review of Virtues from St. Thomas
Evaluate: Got Some Virtues?
Enact: Developing Virtues in the Real World
Eu-Charis: Oozing with Grace

11. Highlighting the Sacrament of Confirmation

We give special attention to the sacrament that highlights the role of the Holy Spirit.

Entry: Prayer - Holy Spirit, Come Confirm Us
Entry: Praise - Stand Up, Young Girls & Boys!
Engage: Parallax Video - Nuggets of Jesus Wise Sayings from St. Matthew
Engage: Flipbook - Nuggets of Jesus’ Wise Sayings
Explore: Highlighting the Sacrament of Confirmation
Explore Further: Watch the Confirmation Flick!
Fun Quiz: Our Confirmation Knowledge Base
Elaborate: Featuring Saint John Neumann
Elaborate 2: Review of the Sacrament of Confirmation
Evaluate: Becoming a Witness for Christ
Enact: Fill Out the Holy Spirit's Apprenticeship Form
Eu-Charis: Call to Christian Maturity

12. The Christian Witnessing

We live our lives as living testimonials of the Spirit's abiding love.

Entry: Prayer - Psalm 150 for God's Surpassing Greatness
Entry: Praise - The God of the Promise
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of Daniel
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of Daniel
Explore: What is this Thing Called 'Witness'?
Explore Further: The Christian Witnessing
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Agnes
Elaborate 2: The Christian Witnessing & Celebrities in Social Media
Evaluate: Witness Review
Enact: The Comic Strip of My Christian Witnessing
Eu-Charis: Witness through Action

13. The Soldier of Christ

We become defenders of our faith.

Entry: Prayer - Spiritual Armor Prayer
Entry: Praise - This is Our God
Engage: Parallax Video - The Story of Samson and Delilah
Engage: Flipbook - The Story of Samson & Delilah
Explore: The Soldier of Christ
Explore Further: The Call to Christian Boldness
Elaborate: Featuring Saint Joan of Arc
Elaborate 2: The Motivation to Fight Like the Child of God
Evaluate: Short Quiz about St. Joan of Arc
Enact: Becoming a True Soldier of Christ
Eu-Charis: Be Strong, Don't Be a Wimpp!

14. Spiritus Series Summary

Let us recap here our Spiritus Series lessons.

Eu-Charis For Spiritus Series


The following certificates are awarded when the class is completed:

Certificate of Completion - Spiritus Series
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